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All Woodwork is:

Built by Veterans for Veterans
Please Support our Troops and their Families




Challenge Coin Displays Coming soon

3' x 5' Flag Cases


4' x 6' Flag Cases


5'x 9-1/2' Flag Cases
(Burial or Casket Flag)


Flag Case Accessories
Wreaths, Medallions


Plaques, Frames, Trophies


Mugs, Key Chains,  Hat / Lapel Pins,
Clocks, Pens & Desk Accessories

Show Respect to your flag, veteran and country
Display your flag ONLY in an American Veteran made case.


Please check out our Gifts selection.  We offer high quality gifts and awards.  Hand Turned Pens, Pencils, and Sets, Clocks, Desk Accessories, Mugs, and Coffee cups.

Magnolia Coast Woodwork is a small family owned and operated business.  Both my wife and I are veterans of the U.S. Army.  We take hand picked, raw lumber and turn it into your case.  It can be one of our standard designs or e-mail us your specs and we will custom build a one of a kind case for you.


I have been building kitchen cabinets and furniture since 1976.  I take great pride in our great armed forces brothers and sisters, and we are also extremely proud of our cases.  I will not sell a case that I wouldn't display in my own home.  I sign the back of each case and also include my contact information, so if you have a problem with the case we are easy to reach.


We use only genuine wood.  There is no particle board, paste board, MDF or laminated plastic used in construction of any case.  We hand make every wooden part.  From the basic construction parts of the case, to the trim and molding, each piece is cut and shaped to the final piece.  We do not use any type of plastic fasteners.  All of our woodwork is assembled with nails, staples, brads, screws and glue.  Every case is stained (if desired) with a hand rubbed, penetrating, oil based stain.  The wood is sealed with a sprayed sealer, and then hand sanded.  The cases are then finished with multi-coats of clear gloss lacquer, hand sanded between coats to give the case a high quality,
fine furniture finish.  The backs are 3/16" thick plywood and held in place with turn buttons for quick and easy access.  Check the construction page to see the details.



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